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Thread: DVD read error 1204 & 1048

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    Exclamation DVD read error 1204 & 1048

    Using Neo Gamma R8 beta 13, IOS35 (Rev 1040) Japanese Wii system 3.1 with a Wasabi DX drive chip update 2.0 beta.

    For the last year I have had no problems. Today 01/01/10, I now get DVD read err 1204 no cios or DVD read err 1048. Every disc I try to load using Neo Gamma gives this error, both originals and backups. No discs will boot using autoboot or from the startup channel screen. I have not updated or done anything different. I have no internet connection for my Wii.

    I can't find anything else on the net that talks about the same problem. If anyone else is having the same problem or has hear of this please let me know.

    Thanks a lot!

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    As it turns out, the 3.0 update from Wasabi was the cause of the problem. A replacement chip or removal of the chip altogether fixed the problem.
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