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Thread: Requirements for using a forwarder?

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    Requirements for using a forwarder?

    I need to know what is required to successfully use a forwarder, as I get a blank screen? Certain version of Homebrew? IOS versions? I've tried numberous forwarders and zero, nilch, nada have worked. Nobody has been able to help other than "name the folder correctly on your SD card" so I figure it's gotta be something else. Help?

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    I'm also on 4.0u

    The CFG forwarders I've tried even specify that it'll check sd:/apps/usbloader_cfg/boot.dol AND sd:/apps/usbloader/boot.dol and none of the variations of forwarders or folder names I've tried worked. I just get a black screen. Also I have a lot of open blocks of memory. Anything else could be the problem?


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