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    Us USB hub

    Now I have a rj45 to USB adapter (I hate wireless), a USB microphone, a USB hdd, a USB keyboard etc. etc. but only 2 USB ports on my Wii.

    I was just wondering if anyone has tried using a powered (as in a/c powered) USB hub with their Wii and what happened?

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    Just so hapens that i have a 4 port USB hub running off the second port on the wii. the one nearest the edge of the console can only have the HDD plugged in whilst the other port is quite happily charging my wiimotes, ps3 pad, wii balance board and ps3 wireless headset.

    not tried running a powered one off it though!!
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    this is something that i was only wondering about the other day as i have a number of devices that i would like to plug in.

    having a quick look on nintendo site talks about putting 3rd party hubs in and seems to suggest that powered ones would be a better choice

    but if you have a lan adpater and usb hdd then you may run into problems

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    Since my Wii is white (I wish I had a black one but oh well) Im going to buy a self powered USB hub from Belkin. It's also white (ghey not gray) with cable management.

    Its the F5U304-WHT model. Currently it's $29 shipped (USA) from N3w3gg.

    Wireless makes me get headaches pretty bad if I'm within about 10 feet of a wireless broadcaster.


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