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Thread: Beatles rock band DLC help

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    Beatles rock band DLC help

    I have a hard modded wii without any knowledge of soft mods, I also don't have a wifi connection. My problem is that I would like to get the downloadable songs for the beatles rock band. Does anyone know where I can find them and then if I can find them how do I run them?

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    would someone please help me out here. I just need to know if there is any way to get the dlc without a wifi connection.

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    Can I have someone with a wifi connection download the songs onto a sd card and then play them on my wii?

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    thank you

    I would like to thank everyone in this forum for all the help. I can't believe that no one has an answer to this question. The people of this forum seem very knowledgable but pick and choose the threads they will answer. So a big thank you to all

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    you know, the moderators of this site are VERY busy with everything they do, and it's annoying to me to see someone get bitter over not getting help with a question that's so easily answered if you were to do a simple search on this site - I found this info on beatles rockband easily - try to help yourself first before you have someone try to help you

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    I did a search and the only thing I was finding had to deal with soft modding to get the content. I don't want to have to soft mod my wii. So how about telling me what search you did and I will find the info myself. But like I said nothing I found delt with my case. And by the way what makes one question more important than any other. I waited quite a while with many people looking at my post. If there is already a answer to my question out there how hard is it for someone to point me in the right direction. I am not asking anyone to hold my hand , just to give me some advice or assistance. By the way isn't that what a forum is for?


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