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Thread: Changing the IOS that the loader uses?

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    Changing the IOS that the loader uses?

    There's out there a way to change the IOS that the USBLoader(or any other usb loader) loads?
    I mean, i want to load a game direct from the cIOS37, is there a way to do that?

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    I think you are confused. There is no such thing as loading a game as cios37. You cant even load a game as a cios. You can load a game as an ios. You can switch between ios249 and ios222 (if you installed hermes ios222).
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    that is correct, first, if you have cios37 (highly unlikely) you must install cios38rev14 which is the best. then, you can also install hermes ios222, 223 and 202 and reun the game from these ioses


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