I have a problem, the Sync button on my Wii Console does not push in, so I have one controller that is permanently synced to my console. I have another that I have to go into the controller settings in order for it to communicate with the console.

I have read in other posts that, in order to have 2 Wiimotes working in Home Brew Channel, they have to permanently synced to the console, as it only keeps one wiimote in the HBC when I access it.

I thought that if there was a way to access Wiimote controls from HBC that would work.

I know there are several possibilities of a fix for my issue, I just have not figured out which one is the easiest, and most cost effective, if it be something like repairing the sync button in the front of the console my self.

If anyone has a work-around, or any other information on similar issues it would be greatly appreciated.