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    Mario Kart

    Hi, I have recently softwodded my wii and have played many games that have been backed up on to hdd using usbloadergx. I can play mario kart using this method but unable to load it from disk. All I get is a black screen and have to turn the wii off and back on again. I have had no trouble with any other games via dvd.

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    If you can play it via usb loading why would you want to play it via disc? Is it an original disc?

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    It is a back up of an original disk. The hard disk is only 120gb and is nearly full so was looking to use a backup of the original disk. I first loaded it onto the hdd using wbfs manager then extracted and burnt the iso onto a dvd.

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    Hello. I'm also having a problem with Mario Kart. It's a backup copy from the original game.I played the game two days with no problems, but now when i insert the cd i can choose players and everything, but when i'm waiting for the game i just see black screen and i can only turn off my console.I have neo gamma r7.Any ideas?

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    i too had that problem but when i buyed the original disk i can play it BUT on online it mess up big time frist i get disconnect from others always and i get points every time i get disconnect i have 9k points from doing nothing

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    I have now 4 or 5 games that don't work, they just freeze when you're in the menu. There must be something to do. Maybe to install a new version of Neo Gamma or something else. Can somebody help me.

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    @ Uross

    Read HERE for your games that aren't working.
    Damn I suck!!!!


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