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Thread: no hacks found for v481

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    no hacks found for v481

    hi. I know this question has been asked like a million times, but whenever i extract the hacks.ini file into my sd card it always says hacks instead of hacks.ini. then when i put the sd into my wii and boot up preloader and go to system hacks its always says no hacks found for v481. does anybody know another "hacks" file or tell me how to make my own.

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    go to preloader/priiloader wiki site they have samples there just copy and paste them to you hacks.ini file

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    1) Open the run dialog box by going to START > RUN
    2) type [b]notepad[b] into the dialogbox and press OK
    3) copy the correct list for your firmware fomr Here
    4) Paste into the Notepad - ensure there is a single blank line at the end of the list
    5) Click FILE > SAVE AS
    6) save the file to your desktop as hacks.ini - be sure to change the bottom dropdown box to "ALL FILES" before hitting SAVE
    7) copy the new hacks.ini file from your desktop to the ROOT of your SD card
    8) load up PriiLoader again and your list of hacks should appear


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