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Thread: Can I update a previosly softmodded Wii after reformatting it?

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    Can I update a previosly softmodded Wii after reformatting it?

    Ok so I'm still kinda new at this and originally I softmodded my Wii using the Twilight Hack a longggg time ago. Since then I haven't really touched my Wii. We're talking over a year now since I touched my Wii lol. Basically I want to update to 4.2 so what I did was go in the settings and reformatted my Wii. What I'm wondering is, does this mean I'm safe to update through Nintendo before I chose to softmod my Wii again? Right now I'm on 3.2U. I don't want to update before I know this wont damage my Wii in anyway lol.

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    From my understanding formatting a wii []does not[/b]make your Wii a virgin.

    I think someone with more experience here will need to help you out. You should uninstall all homebrew first and make your wii a virgin before formatting.

    Is everything still functional with your Wii?? Does it still play games through the Disk Drive?

    For now, please do NOT update your Wii.

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    Well I haven't tried to play a game yet and I don't have a normal game on me at the moment. I only have some backups at the moment. But the Wii is functioning fine right now. All the channels and such are gone as due to the formatting but I just want to find out the safest way to update my Wii at the moment without destroying it lol. Thanks for the quick reply though

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    do not update to 4.2. Find the Waninkoko updater for 4.1. Removing your homebrew is setting you up for untold issues. There is no benefit or difference between 4.1 and 4.2 although if you upgrade it to 4.2 using the big "N" online update it will be much harder to softmod to get your functionality back to where you currently are. At the very least use the link in my signature for 3.1 - 4.1 softmod at the end you will be at 4.1 menu when all is said and done.


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