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Thread: Complete N00b, seeking help

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    Complete N00b, seeking help

    Hey, I am very experienced in the x360 scene, and myself have flashed my xbox. However my Wii has been sitting in its box in my cupboard since summer 2007, I havent had the time to look into it.

    My wii serial number is LEH11114560, and I would like to enable backup games and homebrew on it. What are the possibilities? Which chips? Self-made chips? I prefer soft-mods to chip due to not having to solder (involves risks).

    If you guys can just say which method and link a guide I will greatly appreciate it.


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    SoftMod all the way mate.

    Which guide you use is relative to the version of firmware your Wii has on it.

    Setup your wii and go to the settings menu. From here you can determine which guide is best suited to you. I would assume that your firmware is 3.x with it's age however.

    4.2 Menu Systems - Guide by Messie
    3.1-4.1 Menu Systems - Guide by Dogeggs

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    Just checked it's firmware, it is 2.2E any ideas?

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    any way to upgrade to 4.1 from 2.2e, my wii doesnt have internet


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