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Thread: Proper Wii modchip out yet?

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    Arrow Proper Wii modchip out yet?

    Hi, I just wanted to ask a question(s)

    Is there a proper Wii modchip out yet? Not like the current ones that only replace the IPL and let you boot back-up, what I am talking about, is a modchip like back in the good ol’ days that has the ability to replace the BIOS, modchips such as Matrix infinity, DMS, QOOB Pro, Viper etc. if you remember these modchip QOOB Pro, Viper allowed you to use/changes cheats, backgrounds, backup, boot using BBA, MC etc.

    I hope there is such chip out, usually I tend to have information on these modchips however it would seem that I lost hope ever since the second Gen of the NGC chips and the MS 360 firmware flash chips come out, nowadays people only want to be able to boot backup and there happy that why so many half baked modchip spin-off are out.

    Also has the Wii VC been hacked yet (can one get any ROMs for N64,Snes etc and inject it in some sort of way and play them back? )

    Thank you for the help and if I have broken any rules then you have my apologies so do let me know or just ban me.

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    vc was hacked a few months for modchips...nothing has been released as of on new systems has imrpoved a lot and requires more time which is why all mods out are currently hacking the dvd drive...just be patient for who knows how long

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    Plus after replacing the bios,
    who knows if you would be able to play online...


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