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Thread: Whats the problem with CIOSCORP?

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    Question Whats the problem with CIOSCORP?

    I have CIOSCORP 3.2 installed, and it works beautifully,
    but lately ive been hearing that its bad to install it!
    Can anyone please elaborate?
    Many thanks in advance!

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    Ok let me show you and its been ages since ive needed to do this.

    That just about covers it I think.

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    So why have i had no problem?

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    I just showed you why but if you've read the readme you'd know it basically strips out all the ios and replaces them.

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    i use it on both my wiis and the newest 3.6 has 99% compatibilty and is hackmii friendly. there now is a full uninstaller which loads all ninty ios's to make it good as new.

    just send an email to the above address and get an auto mail bake with installer and uninstaller.

    should load NSMB if its patched correctly

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    cIOSCORP v3.6 does not modify IOSes 4, 12, 13, 14, 15, 22, 31, 34, 51,
    57, or 61.

    All System Menu IOS (9, 11, 20, 30, 40, 50, 52, 60, and 70), along with
    IOSes 35, 36, and 37, now all have the ES_Identify Patch in them.
    This allows preloader compatibility, and should allow the majority
    of homebrew applications to use the ES_Identify function, but due
    to the way the newer IOS work, it will only allow ES_Identify to be
    called once per IOS Reload.

    It comes with WiiGator's GC Backup Launcher 0.2

    Here's the compatilibily list cIOSCORP v3.6 Compatibility List

    An incorrect IOS will flip your HBC, not cIOSCORP, there are many threads documenting this.

    cIOSCORP does not give a "unable to read disc" screen. Only bad media, ISO's can give you this.

    Many people who comment on cIOSCORP do not have it installed in their Wii, don't believe me? look at their sig, therefore have no experience of the product, would you but a car without test driving it first?
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