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Thread: Who's this idiot?!

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    Thumbs up Who's this idiot?!

    Hey all, I'm HersheysX7. My hobbies are drawing and video games. I like Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Iron Maiden, and some other bands. Despite the X7 at the end of my name I don't play megaman, it's just a coincidence.
    Well I hope I can enjoy my stay at Wiihacks.

    EDIT:Can anyone help me with putting up my signature?
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    Kool man! Welcome at WiiHacks!
    I like Disturbed too...
    Yeah OffSpring is back in action.. I like them too..
    Well, for your mod needs or questions, issues..
    Im here.. Have fun!

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    AHHH!! this is eating away at me, how come my sig is so tiny???
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