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Thread: few questions (patching/burning)

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    few questions (patching/burning)

    Hello i have a few question about patching and burning wii iso

    1. Which update patch program is best Wiiur or wii brick blocker ?

    2. If my wii has a drivekey modchip is it necessary to use the Iso Patcher program, to me that looks like a patch if you softmod your system because your entering that 249 for the backup launcher ?

    3. when burning games on dual layer disc is it necessary to enter a user specified layer break or is the calculate optimal setting ok. Also are you suppose to set book type to dvdrom ?

    TIA for any assistance provided

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    3) Yes but I forget what the layer break is. Search and you should find it. Yes always set book type to DVD ROM.

    2) Don't know.

    1) Never heard of Wiiur, Wii BB works but it's easier to the chip's blocking capability or use Priiloader rather than mucking about with every single iso.
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