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Thread: Rockband 2 DLC HELP!!!

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    Ca Rockband 2 DLC HELP!!!

    Please help!

    I have downloaded a bunch of songs for rockband 2 using the .wad hack that I found posted here.

    I played a couple of them the other night and all was well.

    I went to play them as a band tonight and they do not show up under my options of songs to play!

    What have I done wrong? Is there a certain way i have to load them?
    When I go to the music store, it shows them as downloaded but they don't show in the song list.

    Any ideas!

    Thanks for the help!


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    just try to redownload one of them (there's an option to do this). and see if they all show up again.

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    All is well...
    Thanks so much for your help!



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