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Thread: wiimote running choppy after modding!!

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    Us wiimote running choppy after modding!!

    Today I successfull modded my Wii using dogeggs 3.1 - 4.1 System Menu guide.
    My wii was system menu 3.4u and now is 4.1.
    My problem is that the wiimote doesn't work like it used to before the mod.
    It runs very choppy and I noticed it greatly affects gameplay as the motion is uneven and choppy!!!
    Also if I am about 9 feet back, the cursor dissapears when i move it about 2/3 to the left of the screen.
    Has anyone else experienced this?

    UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!! It appears christmas lights on the christmas tree affected the wiimote response. After unplugging the tree, it seems to be in tip top shape!!!!!!
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    o_O Christmas lights?

    *Jaw Drop*

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    Damn Christmas lights
    Ipsa scientia potestas est.

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