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Thread: NAND Backup question and problem

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    Question NAND Backup question and problem

    Ok I've been a long time hacker of the Wii until one day about 6 months ago I bricked it....not to worry I fixed it and I'm in the process of doing a NAND backup so if it happens again I'm prepared. I use the app WiiXplorer to manage my SD card since I didn't have a card reader or enough space for the NAND. I deleted almost everything except bootmii off my SD card via WiiXplorer multiple times but when I try to make the NAND it says I don't have enough space. I used the app SD Explorer to check how much room I have and It says 956mb free but I still get the same error everytime I try.

    A few details
    1GB SD card
    Wii 4.2U (softmodded)
    Bootmii installed as IOS
    I used the hackmii_installer_v0.6 pack to install

    Is it possible to format the sd card using a Homebrew app? If so post a link.
    Please help me out

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    I haven't read anything about an app to format from homebrew. If it doesn't work out and your computer has an expresscard port, consider getting one of these: 21IN1 Multimedia Reader/writer Expresscard 34SLOT Mac/pc Sd/mmc/xd: Electronics and if it doesn't, there are also usb adapters available like this: Sandisk MobileMate SD Plus Memory Card Reader: Electronics
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    Thanks for the response.
    Have you used WiiXplorer to delete files before? If not don't worry about it


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