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Thread: getting error 1017 while uninstalling ios249

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    getting error 1017 while uninstalling ios249

    Hi, I am trying to downgrade my Wii from 4.2 to 3.2. While uninstalling ios249 I am getting following errors.

    Deleting tickets...ERROR! (ret = -1017)
    Deleting Title...ERROR! (ret = -1017)
    Deleting title...ERROR! (ret = -1017)

    Can any one help me on this error OR some another method to downgrade? Sorry this is my first time so please forgive me if I did not provide much information.

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    No vulnerable IOS found. Use this instead:

    If it goes successful, you should a trucha patched IOS which will allow you to delete IOS249 and re-install the cIOS.

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    Cool...It worked. Thanks a lot...


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