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Thread: WBFS - How Long To Format?

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    Ca WBFS - How Long To Format?

    I've tried several times to format my USB LAcie 500 gb (Seagate) Hard Drive. I go through disc mgmt and create the drive and then I see it in WBFS and format - get the warning about erasing information and hit OK. It takes about a second to say it has formatted the drive. When I try to open the drive in Vista - Vista wants to format the drive. I followed the guide on this site. How do you tell it has been formatted and how long should it take - the drive was clean when I started. Appreciate some help!

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    once in WBFS format, you can only access the drive via WBFS manager

    That program will allow you to copy games over and manage them

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    Sorry to bug - does it format within a second or so? Seems way too fast.

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    Yar it only takes 1-5 seconds to format to WBFS, and after formatting it, you wont be able to open the drive with windows explorer or w/eva.

    After you format it, click the load button in WBFS and if the two greyed out windows turn white and the buttons become clickable you'll know its worked.

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    Thanks for the speedy reply. I formatted the drive to clean it and it too 3-4 hours. Wasn't expecting WBFS to be so fast.


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