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Thread: Is there a way to block online updates?

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    Is there a way to block online updates?


    I'm on 3.2u (downgraded) with the following softmods:
    -HackMii installed as IOS (non-vuln boot1)
    -cIOScorp v.3.6

    I don't like my softmod hanging by a thread of avoiding 'yes' when going online.
    It could get pressed accidentally, drunkenly, by a muscle twitch or even by a well-meaning friend while you sleep.

    Is there a way to completely block online updates so your softmod can't be killed by a 'yes'?
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    whats a 'yes'?
    well anyways i dont think there is a way to block online updates now.
    i heard Priiloader can block online and disc updates but the online is only for version 4.2 menu.

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    So no go unless I upgrade to 4.2?

    Well it's good to know the situation, in any case. I suppose blanking out the network info will have to do for now. Thanks for the reply

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    Just be smart and dont access the update. Other than that, there is not much you can do with your firmware.
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    I guess 4.2 is the only option then. What's the best pre-loading type app for this?
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    If you turn off WiiConnect24 it shouldn't ask you to update your Wii anymore.

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    Blocking (this is one blocks NUS downloader, probably the updates as well)
    In your router should block any updates.
    It will also block the NUS downloader
    It should not effect online play.

    I have not actually tested this by pushing the update button. But it should work.

    Probably effects the function of other channels also.
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