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Thread: WODE guide.

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    Question WODE guide.

    This is the guide Straight from the WODE forums. I will try and keep it update as they change it.

    Heres a video with WODE loading an out of region game with the help of Geck OS on a 4.2 system menu.

    Updating Wode System Firmware

    WODE firmware downloads

    Note: Rename the extracted file update.bin when copying it to the SD card

    To update the Wode's system firmware download the update and copy it to an SD card formatted with the FAT filesystem. Insert the SD card into Wode and power on. Wode will then display the message "Wode Updating". The update process can take several minutes, when the update is complete Wode will reboot. The SD card can then be removed.

    Navigating the Menu System

    Use the joystick to navigate the Wode menu system. Click up and down to move the current menu selection up and down. The current menu item is marked by a pair of square brackets ('[' and ']')

    To select a menu item click the joystick to the right.
    To move back to the previous menu click the joystick to the left

    Main Menu

    The main menu has five items.

    -Favorites Here you can manage shortcuts to and launch upto 8 of your favorite games
    -Select Game Here you can launch a game from a storage device
    -Flat Wode Launches the "Flat Wode" feature, allows you to play backups (NOT D3-2)
    -Settings Here you can change your Wode's settings
    -About Here you can find system information about your Wode


    Wode has 8 'favorites' slots, you can assign any game from your collection to any of the 8 slots. In the Favorites menu the state of all 8 favorites slots is displayed in a list.

    A favorites slot can be in one of three states

    -Empty- No game has been assigned to this slot
    -Not Found- A game has been assigned but has not been found on any attached storage devices
    -Game Name- A game has been assigned and has been found on one of the attached storage devices

    Selecting an empty slot will take you to the Select Game menu (see below)

    Selecting an occupied slot, if the assigned game has been found, will launch the game

    To delete a slot, even if the game has not been found, click the joystick's central position (push joystick in)

    Selecting a Game

    Selecting this menu allows you to select a partition on one of the attached storage devices.

    Once you have selected the partition Wode will present a list of available games.

    Selecting a game will either launch it or insert it in the favorites slot.

    Flat WODE

    Launches the Wode's "Flat Wode" mode allowing you to play backups. Hit the 'eject' button on the Wii TWICE to exit "Flat Wode" mode.


    The settings menu allows you change Wode's default behavior.

    -Region (OFF/JAP/US/KOR) Allows you to select the region Wode will then attempt to patch games to match.
    -Updates (YES/NO) Setting this option to YES will permit updates from game disks to be applied. Selecting NO disables the update
    -Autoboot (ON/OFF) Setting this option to ON will attempt to autoboot a game
    -Reload (ON/OFF) Setting this option to ON will cause Wode to attempt to reload the last game loaded at next power on
    -Save Once you have changed your settings you should save them in for the changes to take effect

    Attaching Storage Devices

    Wode will recognise a wide range of USB mass storage devices, Wode can also read game data from SD and SDHC cards. Wode supports a number of filesystems


    HFS+ partition

    NTFS & FAT partitions on the same HDD

    2 WBFS partitions on the same HDD

    Game Files

    With the exception of WBFS formatted partitions you should create a directory called "ISO" in the root of each storage device attached. Game images should be placed in the "ISO" directory.

    Wode will search for the following file extensions in the "ISO" directory. Wode will also search one directory level below the "ISO" directory, this allows you to group the WBFS/ISO/BCA files together.

    .ISO An image of a Wii or GC game .GCM An image of a GC game
    .WBFS An image of a Wii game spread across 1 or more files in the wbfs format
    .BCA A binary file containing the 64 bytes of BCA data for a Wii game

    Two .wbfs filesets, one GC game and NSMB plus BCA data

    Note: Wii games may be converted to .wbfs files, the disk space required to store the game is reduced and the game image can be spread across a number of files. All files in a .wbfs fileset must have the same name (with incrementing file extension)

    BCA data is used by a new Nintendo copy protection scheme, this was first seen in NSMB. BCA data is not required for games that do not use this protection method and the BCA file may be safely omitted.

    Legend of Zelda split into two .wbfs files

    A .wbfs fileset or ISO file must have the same name as the .BCA file. If a BCA data file is not available Wode will assume the BCA data is at offset 0x100 from the start of the game image.

    Since it is not possible to put a BCA data file in a WBFS partition Wode assumes all game images on WBFS partitions have the BCA data at offset 0x100 from the start of the game image (patch your ISOs before transferring them to a WBFS partition)

    We have tested with, and recommend, the following game image tools:

    WBFS Manager 3.0 for managing WBFS formatted partitions

    Wii Backup Manager 3.1 Beta 3 for creating .wbfs filesets

    Known issues:
    -Wode does not recognize an SD card if it is inserted when Wode boots. Workaround, remove and reinsert the SD card

    -Flat Wode uses hardcoded BCA data, if the hardcoded data does not match your game image it will fail. Workaround, none at this time
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    i have another question.....i already have a usb hdd next to my wii that i use for watching films on my ps3....can i add wii games to this hdd and plug into the wode as and when im playing the wii??? its a 2tb hdd and i dont want to lose any of the data already on it? it is formatted to fat32??

    would i be right in thinking that i just create another folder on the hdd called ISO and then put all my game iso's in it?

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    Short answer is yes. But that is based on what I have read at the WODE forum. I will know tomorrow when my WODE arrives.

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    When someone gets their WODE can you tell me about using it to navigate a HDD with hundreds of games-scrolling through that little screen with only 8 games per screen doesn't look very handy. Is there an alphabetic submenu not visible here or something? Thanks.

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    Can all the files just be dumped into the ISO directory, or should they be in separate sub directories? I have both .iso and .wbfs files.

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    Yes you only need one directory called ISO, put all your full iso files in there.
    There are many formats and structures you can use. Here are two I use.

    NTFS\ISO\game iso's (simplest but uses more disk space)
    Fat32\game name folder\wbfs file or files if DL game. (reduced disk space)


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