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Thread: VC Games on Sd card

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    VC Games on Sd card

    i was wondering if there is any way i can play vc games through my sd card or an external source because my wii system memory is full.

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    As far as I know you can't play VC games directly from a SD card our any other external source. You can copy VC games that are stored in your system memory over to the SD card and then delete it to make room for others. Then if you need to play it later just copy it back from the SD card.

    I just keep the ones I know I am going to use the most in system memory and the rest are copied to my SD card. Some of the games that have over 200 blocks can take a couple minutes so it can be a pain. I hope someday the big N will enable playing games from external USB hard drives or flash drives but I have a feeling it wont ever happen.

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    what i dont is there is so many channel spots but not enough room to hold them all. Good thinking Nintendo

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    No doubt about that. 512MB of storage is just lame. You can fit more than that on a single CD. It should have came with atleast 2GB.

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    thats hows they make more $$ buy external HDD for Wii ( another 40-100$ ) for wii accessory) just to do what u want lol prob be like 2-20gb.
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    I don't think it would be such a bad idea to play gf games on a sd card. I recently bought a new camera and had an old sd card that was 1 megabit per seconod so I could only take 1 photo at a time but now I have a 20 megabit per second card now. I personly think this is enough for the wii and the technology is already out there

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    what if I were to borrow a friends sd card with his vc games on it could I copy them over to my wii? and what format are the games in? are they still wads?


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