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Thread: New Twilight Hack avaible for 3.3

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    Lightbulb New Twilight Hack avaible for 3.3

    Released on 3 days ago is the new tph for the wii that works on updated wiis.

    This new version of the Twilight Hack is compatible with version 3.3 of the Wii System Menu, using the workarounds explained in previous posts. Thanks to everyone on IRC who contributed to the search for the bugs, and to tmbinc and tehpola for finding the two bugs that make this possible.

    Changelog for this release:

    * The Twilight Hack is now compatible with version 3.3 of the Wii System Menu.
    * Improvements in video configuration. The entire console should now be visible in all video modes, and scrolling has been improved.
    * For the USA version, the two variants of the hack have been packed into one save file. Just select the save slot that corresponds to your version of Twilight Pricess when you start the game.
    * New savegame icons by drmr. The new icons now show which region that version of the hack is for.
    * This version now tries to load boot.dol, and falls back to boot.elf if boot.dol is not found.
    * ???????
    * Many, many bug fixes.

    Download it here. Head over to Wiibrew for more information and updates. See the included README for installation and usage instructions.

    I thought this was pretty cool. But yeh its still in beta so see if you can find any bugs.

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    just wondering could this be posted in the wii news section cause i don't have enough privileges.


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