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    Smile hi and thanks

    Hi i am new to this wii thing i have looked around the site and didnt find a answer to probably a very comin question thats what do i need to play a copied game on my wii i just got it on christmas and what program is the best to copy with because i was thinking of renting them then coping to dvd and what do i have to do to my wii and will it still play original games THANKS hope to hear for you

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    i dont think u will be able to copy them with ur normal DVD burner, most dont "read" wii discs and u have to rip them to ur Wii USB HDD or something
    But u dont have to rent them, u can just download a ready ISO file that u can burn with regular dvd burner. U have to softmod ur wii in order to play them, there are good tuts here, look in the "Ultimate WiiHacks Index" and u will find em.

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