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Thread: 4.2 tutorial question...

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    4.2 tutorial question...

    hey everyone. the 4.2 guide is unclear to me in a few spots. I apologize if this has already been answered in another thread. Anyway, am I to delete the contents of my SD card in between every pack i download and start with a fresh SD card for each step? because when i download the second pack, there is already a folder in my SD card named bootmii from making a NAND backup. Am I to replace the original bootmii folder with the one from the second pack? or just dump everything on to my PC and use only each pack for each step. thank you for any help in advance, looking forward to playing backups and installing wads soon i hope. just need to get through this tutorial problem free.
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    Figured it out, now onto formatting my HD for backups.


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