First of all, I have read quite a bit in the last day about this but am still a bit confused on some things. It seems things change pretty quickly in the mod-chip scene.

1. I have a Wii that was just purchased last week on eBay. The Serial is an LU344. I've used the estimation tool and it gives me a 50% chance of having a D2C and 50% of having cut legs. Thats not very encouraging. Does this mean that I can only use a certain chip? I see that the suggested percentages are inaccurate for D2C and Cut legs

2. I have yet to open it up as I don't have a triwing. I guess that is still really the ONLY way to tell whats in there? I assume Nintendo can see once its been opened should I need to have any warranty done on that true?

3. Will the D2Pro9v2 with the WiiClip v4c work with any Wii? I've seen that posted several times but never saw complete confirmation. If so, I guess I should just pick up one of those??

Thanks for any help.