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Thread: Query concerning compatibility of External HDD

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    Query concerning compatibility of External HDD

    Apologies in advance if this is in the wrong board

    Now i'm not particularly fond of throwing my concerns out to the internet as a whole, but i'm less fond of blowing a chunk of my christmas bonus on an unnecessary peripheral. (UK) : Seagate Expansion 500GB External USB Desktop Hard Drive : Computing - Free Delivery

    Can anybody please confirm whether the hard drive linked above is; A) Able to be formatted to WBFS, and B) Compatible with CFG USB Loader.

    Thanks in advance.

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    compatable HDD's

    if you search the forum there is a complied list of compatable external HDD and the loaders supported.
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    I've checked compatibility lists on here, GBATemp, and other websites, but unfortunately, no matter how much help they are, it is to no avail if the merchant doesn't offer serial numbers and a product type.

    It doesn't help that seagate has 3 main types, but within these are 2 or 3 different styles, each with varying forms of compatibility. That's why i wish to have someone who is/has actually used it tell me, saves any errors in interpretation of the tables.

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