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Thread: Have Bootmii/boot2, need autoboot to wiiflow. Ideas?

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    Us Have Bootmii/boot2, need autoboot to wiiflow. Ideas?

    So here's the deal, I have my Wii softmodded (I also have the wiikey2 but I don't think it matters for what I'm doing). I have USB GX and Wiiflow HD loaders. I like wiiflow. I want to use my bootmii installed as boot2 to autoload the wiiflow screen. It looks like the wiiflow screen has a back to wii menu option so this way I can back to channels if I'd like. Does anyone know how to do this? I saw there are ways to do it for other methods, but not for bootmii/boot2 installed. (on my older wii).

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    Install preloader, then install a wiiflow forwarder into preloader. Set autoboot and return to preloader.

    Bootmii will autoboot only to system menu or HBC, as far as I know.
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