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Thread: Knowing your modchip?

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    Us Knowing your modchip?

    so i bought a japanese modded wii.

    and i've read around at these forums.

    is there anyway to know wat mod chip you have by identifying it... as in are there ways to tell wat modchip you own.


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    open it up and 1 way

    check the serial on nintendo serial tracker to determine which wii chipset you have would definitely narrow it down

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    The only way to know for sure is to open it up and check.

    I myself have not been able to buy one cuz Nintendo wii has not been officially launched in India and the only ones available are pre modded Japs / US and no seller knows which mod is in them! And ofcourse a premodded wii costs like 500 US$ here.

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    alright i will have to open it then.

    i also ahve the premodded one, but it was only $310 in vietnam.

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    310 is like a really good deal!!
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