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Thread: Sd card have to stay in wii

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    Sd card have to stay in wii

    I tried to load USB loader today & wouldnt load, then realised my sd card plugged into the PC, usb loader then worked once I put sd card back in wii. Does this have to stay in Wii all the time?

    Also while I am posting, Homebrew keeps asking me to update, is it safe to update?

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    you can install usb loader as a channel to erase the need of the sd card. And yes it is safe to update the homebrew channel.
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    I have USB Loader installed as a channel, & I get an error when I tried to load without sd card. I am using usb loader GX 151209 & there were 2 WAD files, did I install the wrong Wad?

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    i kinda had the same problem. just reinstall the channel and it should work.

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    Did you load the complete channel or the forwarder channel? Where are you going to save your settings and covers?

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    I think I installed Complete. I will uninstall & reinstall again. doesnt settings & covers get saved to USB hdd?

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    what is the difference between the loader & the forwarder?

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    a loader loads things, a forwarder is simply like a shortcut to the loader.


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