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Thread: Wii Freeloader

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    Yes but does not work for all games and does not work at all if you have 3.3 firmware installed. Here is a link to download incase you dont already have one.

    FreeLoader All Versions

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    I have wii mod chip wirh 3.1u firmware...
    I burn a ntsc iso of freeloader...remove the update with brickblocker when i try wii recognize the dvd..a blank screen appear..i remove it then put my game(it's a pal) then game still show black screen..

    Have i done something wrong while burning the freeloader?...i notice that the image was a pal converted to a ntsc and me i convert it again to ntsc-J...

    Y is there an update included with that freeloader?
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    Really need some help on this freeloader plzzz


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