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Thread: wii mod newb question

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    wii mod newb question

    Im a total newb in the wii modd scene. I just bought a wii and im looking for guidance on modding my wii. How do i find out which modchip is right for my console?
    what are some reliable sellers?

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    Nintendo-Scene Wii Serial Tracker
    this is a handy serial tracker to figure out what type of board u have and to see if your pins are cut...if they arn't then great, but if they are then it'll be complicated to get your modchip to work...that's step 1
    however, modderman seems to have found that it might be check out this forum after u figure out your board type,
    also check this out
    cuz if u just bought it, u might have an unmoddable wii...which would really suck
    certain chips can only fit on certain's a list
    the list is kinda dated, but ppl have posted a few more on the thread
    canada mods is a reliable seller - Official Distributor for WiiKey, D2CKey, D2Pro, D2PRO9, Wasabi, Wii-Clip etc..... (Powered by CubeCart)
    as well as ozmod chips, Australian Supplier of WiiKey, D2CKey, M3DS, R4DS and CycloDS

    ...hope that helps
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