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    Smile black wii

    hi guys/gals

    i have read quiet a few post but still lost i am a total beginner and dont want to mess things up so if you could help would be very thankfull ok will explain the best i can

    i just bought a nintendo wii black rvl-001 serial LEM5001xxxxx if that helps in anyway i would like to get this so i can use a portable hard drive connected and start downloading some game

    here where im stuck like mentioned there a lots of info but unsure what program to use todo this also i dont have a sd card so can the program be added by using a disc or usb stick, i couldnt find anything on the new black wii's i did search alot but could have over looked it

    also i have a connection issue i have 3 pcs at home with a 64 bit secured wep connection when i entered my key into the connection settings of the wii it returned back with an error code 51330 so i tried wpa-psk(tkip) and this returned a code of 51331

    i have checked my router settings and noticed WPA-PSK (Wi-Fi Protected Access Pre-Shared Key) do i need to change my router to this setting in order to connect my wii

    like i mentioned total beginner and help would be a bonus

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    manage to sort the connection problem had to add my wii to the router as found the mac address for the wii. but still unsure about making this work for backup games as very new model did a search on google and cant find any info on these latest models

    any help please


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    Black Wiis will only load backups from USB devices due to the new D3-2 drives.

    Softmod as normal, load your chosen USB Loader app and be happy.
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