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Thread: Priiloader bricked me! Updated to 4.1 fine.

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    Unhappy Priiloader bricked me! Updated to 4.1 fine.

    Hi guys, I was updating my wii from 3.2u to 4.1u, installed IOS60-patched first and then ran the updater which went fine, rebooted, then I tried to install priiloader and it did a "Code Dump" in the middle of the process.

    --I DONT have BootMii
    --I CAN'T access the priiloader menu holding reset while booting the wii
    --SaveMiiFrii doesnt work on this wii, but it does on another one.
    --I have a "blue screen" meaning NO VIDEO SIGNAL whatsoever. It never even flickers when I turn on the wii.
    --I dont have a NAND backup

    What are my options, besides sending to Nintendo, parting it out on eBay?

    Thanks in advance.

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    check out this thread for all your options:
    If your Wii is old enough you can try to flash bootmii in it with a nand flasher


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