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Thread: error with priiloader

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    error with priiloader

    ive installed preloader using the tutorial from this site and i load up the program but when i try to load the system hacks the screen just goes blank for a few seconds then goes back to the main menu, anyone know why this might be happening?

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    I have the exact same problem. My system also starts to the preloader menu even though it is set to start to system menu. I read yesterday that we need to install a different version of preloader, there are several - but I have no idea how to figure out which one. My system is 4.2 u


    I've found the problem. You and I did not get the 'hack.ini' file, modify it (to our menu system) and but it on the root of our SD card when installaing preloader. Now according to what I have found in the forums, we need to remove the preloader we have installed by re-installing our menu (files available in the forum), reinstalling the ISO bug file, then reinstalling the preloader (with the modified 'hacks.ini' file on the SD card this time. I will not have a chance to try this until tonight. Let me know if it works for you! I will let you know it if works for me. I would included a link for the preloader installation tutorial for 4.2U (in my case) but I do not know how to do that! Good Luck


    I have reinstalled my priiloader using the hack.ini file and it now works fine. Except for the fact that is sometime boots to system menu and sometime boots to priiloader menu - mostly priiloader menu. This is a bit annoying - but not a real big deal I guess. You just pucs 'a' on the wiimote to get the system menu.
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    faberb, thank you very much for your post. This worked! Thanks!

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    worked for me also ty

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    change priiloader to priiloader v 0.1 and the boot problem will be over.


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