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Thread: Experianced Hackers Wanted

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    Experianced Hackers Wanted


    Correct Me If Im wrong.

    To install usb loader gx i must download the newest wad , then open wad manager, install the usb loader via wad manager, then restart my wii.

    I have All the cios and stuff installed from dogeggs tut .(i was on 3.4e then updated through firmware updater 4.1e,like dogeggs said)


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    IF you want USB Loader GX to be installed as a channel then you are correct.

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    In my experience, running a USB loader from the homebrew channel is far easier when it comes to updating etc. install a forwarder and run it that way, takes up far less memory too.

    But yes you are correct if you want to run GX as a channel (as PJIV just stated)

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    Forwarder? so i search for usb loader gx forwarder?

    Whats the current version?

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    The current version isn't always the way to go. find out what is best for you.

    A forwarder installs like a channel but instead of having the program within it, it just forwards to the program on your sd card/usb fat32 partition and runs from there, so you get the benefit of the channel but can update simply by downloading the latest and greatest and shoving it on your sd card, no removing and adding via wads.

    Everything you need should be here News (USB Loader GX)

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