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Thread: Have i bricked my wii????!!!!

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    Have i bricked my wii????!!!!

    Could somebody help me please............ My girlfriend has had a wii for a few years now and had i chipped before i met her. She said she's never had any problems with it up until i got my hands on it!!!!! I downloaded MarioKart and burnt it on to a disc and put it in the wii. It read the disc okay and then told me there is an update for this game, so i clicked update and that's where it started to go wrong!!!!! After the update was installed, I selected the disc channel to load the game and the screen went black and read 'Unauthorised Device Detected - error #001'. Now the only disc it will recognise is the genuine wii sports disc (and thats only now and again!!!). When it wont detect a disc, the console will freeze up when I try to select something. Is there anything i can do to rectify this? Thanks

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    You'll need to give us more info before anyone can even try to help you:

    1. Where do you live (if you dont feel comfortable telling us that, give us at least Wii System Menu version and region -> you have that info in Wii settings menu on top of the screen)
    2. WAS Mario Kart you used to update Wii PAL or NTSC?
    3. You mentioned "chip"? Which one?

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    I live in England and the Wii System Menu version says 3.1e. I think the update was PAL and i have no idea what chip is in it!!! Would it do any harm to do a system update online?


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