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Thread: D2sun modchip?

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    D2sun modchip?

    I read in a thread about this new (to me anyway) D2sun modchip and was wondering if anyone knew if this was something to wait for, that is, does it have something special that the D2Pro9v2 does not?

    I went to their site D2SUN universal 9 wires modchip for ALL Nintendo WII! but did not see anything special about it.

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    Looks like just another rip-off copy chip to me.....

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    D2sun...d2fun..d2sung...what ever...

    clones....of what..We're still kinda figuring that

    there is no support...these companies put out chips for sale only...then.......gone

    don't waste your time or your money and future frustration

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    Even the website looks like a rip off of D2Pro hehe!

    Anyways these are used by a lot of people who premod systems in Asia cuz they dont have to support future games and firmware upgrades. All they care about is showing the customer a will playing backups and make the sale.

    All the premod systems i have come across use D2CPro (D2CKey Clone) not D2Pro.


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