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Thread: Back to standard 3.2e

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    Back to standard 3.2e

    Is there a way of getting my wii back to the original unmodded 3.2e state?

    I have read about making it back to a V4.1 virgin wii, although I think this is probably not a good idea and would prefer to get back to 3.2e.

    I am just thinking that perhaps it would help me with some problems if I could get back to original state then start the whole softmod process again.


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    What problems are you having? It may be easier to fix them than trying to re-virgin your wii.

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    Trying to get Rock Band type games to load, I have posted a few topics about it. All seems straight forward enough but just cant get my games to boot.

    Getting frustrated with it all now, my wife got me a usb drum set for xmas and not been able to use it yet


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