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Thread: Do I need Priiloader?

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    Do I need Priiloader?

    Ok,Ive just bought a second wii LEH1164 with 4.1E sys menu.I have fitted the new SMBW drivekey and softmodded as well.All working great.I have managed to save Bootmii as BOOT2 on this old wii (the reason I bought it)
    My question is this

    Do I need Priiloader installed as well or can I do without it?



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    Bootmii in boot2 gives the best protection as it sits before the system menu.
    If you install pre-loader it modifies the system menu and offers not much protection as bootmii does.
    Just backup your nand. Store it in a safe place and you can experiment with this wii as much as you like. As long as you keep bootmii in the boot2. So don't put 4.2 on it as it will remove bootmii (you can install it afterwards though)

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    Priiloader is still nice to have. It can be easier to fix problems with priiloader because it has wiimote support, has all kinds of useful hacks for the system menu, and can be configured to autoboot to the system menu, HBC or an app of your choice.

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    Preloader doesnt give much protection? Where did you get that false information from? All bootmii does is backup your nand and if needed to can restore your nand if you brick. Preloader can bypass disc updates and depending on your system menu, can also block system updates. You shouldnt softmod your console without having preloader installed.
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    I will install it on all my soft modded Wii's from here on out...
    Read the attached Post then you choose if you want to install it or not...

    Hope this helped you choose.


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