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Thread: A cry for help

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    A cry for help

    Ok first off this is my first post and im a newb to the Wii scene. I am however not a noob to modding consoles. I have modded multiple xbox's and psps and have a 100% sucsess rate. Minus one xbox i killed intentionaly to find out what i would have to do to resuract it. lol. Have also installed bigger HDD into xbox's so i feel confident in my abilities to pay attention to every detail and follow everystep. Now then to my question. I got a Wii for christmas and of course want to mod it. I have been reading for weeks in anticipation of getting the Wii so i would have my homework done. Yet the more i have read the more i wonder if this is really worth it. I read countless posts of how ppl cant get things to run with one loader or another. How one game works fine with USB but not with disks or vise versa. I read how there is a chance of shortening the life of disk drives to play burned disks yet i cant play GC games from usb. So im am really just wondering. Is it really worth it. I admit im spoiled from the sbos and psp and how once its done its pretty much just works. pop in iso or burned game(xbox) and it works. No loader settings no need for multiple loaders and such. So if some one could please give me their experiences. Noobs and vets welcome i like to know the whole story from as many angles as possible. Thank you for your time and input. Oh and just an FYI im on 3.4U seriel# LU66 if thats gonna make a differance once its modded.

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    I would say don't be put of by alot of people saying they can't get this or that to work or they are having issues. A lot of peoples problems come down to not understanding what they are doing and not reading tutorials properly before starting.
    I am very happy with my softmod, had it about a year now, am on 3.2E disc loading with Neogamma R6 and cIOS rev 14 and havent had a game yet that I couldnt load.
    As you are used to modding you will probably have no problems with hacking your Wii. The Bannerbomb tut on this site is really simple to do.
    I plan on making the move to USB HDD loading soon so I can't comment on that side for now.

    Good luck.

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    just get in there and have a crack mr pro

    i have usb loader and disc loaders its not hard, you just need to read and understand what your doing.


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