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    Sorry For The noobie ness /spoon feeding but i figure its alot easier to ask then to search for weeks as i dont have the time ( work kids etc im sure some can relate)

    can some1 point me to a decent web site /forum that deals with hacking xbox 360's as i have just recieved one and want to be able to load backup games etc but i am going to use xbox live and wish to play alot of games online thru it i know this is possible thru the wii but have heard microsoft bans peoples accounts for modchips/softmods etc and i have heard people have two one chipped for single play and another for multi so i guess my question is is there a way to have only one xbox that can play burnt or load thru some sort of hard drive setup and also have online capability

    thankyou in advance


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    no firmware's are live safe at the moment. lite touch is being worked on (we think) this should be the next firmware that will be good for a little while. so you need to decide if you want to play backed up games or play on live. if you decide you want to play backups then head over to xbox-scene and do some reading in the fourms. start off in the newbie section as you will find the best answers for you there. you also may want to read in the modified firmware section. good luck

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    You're right, make sure you have 2 xbox's. One for originals, one for offline burnt games.

    Don't ever put the offline one on xbox live. If you do, you get banned, and lose other functionality such as playing games off the harddrive.


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