Basically, I put a .ciso (compressed iso) of Rock Band 2 (NTSC-U) into my HDD and attempted to use NeoGamma r7 (using IOS249) to launch it through USB.

Fortunately, the game launches and I am able to proceed past the Wiimote screen into the Loading screen with the drummer.

Unfortunately, the game does not successfully load, displaying the same moving drummer image in the loading screen. I have waited an hour for this screen to pass, but to no avail.

Using USB Loader GX, the game does not bother to launch (using IOS249), immediately dispalying a black screen. If I change the Boot setting to IOS222, the system will crash displaying a black then green screen with a loud beep noise.

Is there any way to successfully load Rock Band 2, perhaps using another Backup Launcher, installing any other cIOS's, or using the .iso file instead?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.