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Thread: IOS249 or IOS36

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    Exclamation IOS249 or IOS36

    my wii is a 4.2u and briefly ill explain what I did to use read backups

    I install the "bannerbomb" with "Hackmii 0.5", HBC 1.0.5
    Then I use the trucha bug restore 1.11 and choose the IOS36 and then press downgrade IOS15
    then went back to trucha bug restore 1.11 and select IOS15 and enter iOS36 menu and change to "yes" in Patch nand permissions, then went up and choose install iOS36 after that i was in the HBC and again select trucha bug restore 1.11 and select IOS36 and then choose restore IOS15 after that i was in the HBC. then I opened Anytitle deleter 1.0v3 and deleted IOS 222, 223, 249 and 250.
    Then I used CIOS installer rev14, choose 36 version and install it via wad.
    Then I opened wad manager 1.4 and choose IOS249 to install neogama.

    I did all this with a guide, a video from youtube, but still do not quite understand the IOS, but I get neogamma and HBC this info:
    "Neogamma R8 Beta10 IOS 249 (Rev14)" and "1.0.5 HBC IOS61 v21.29"
    ┐┐┐┐┐now what IOS do I have???
    is there any problem by installing a patched IOS70-?? what IOS should I not touch for the wii continue to have a proper working ?????

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    cIOS38=IOS249 = custom ios that most homebrew uses like neogamma.
    patched-IOS70= ur system menu 4.2, u wont have problems installing it and u need it for pre/priiloader but NEVER remove it cuz u will brick. Accualy dont remove any IOS below 200.

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    all right thats exactly what I wanted to hear I will install priiloader but I was afraid to brick my wii by installing IOS70. thanks


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