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Thread: Is this a brick?? plz help

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    Is this a brick?? plz help

    Plz, i've posted this already but no one answerd so i'm dong t again...
    i've downloaded naruto clash f ninja revolution pal and use the regionfrii progrm to change it to usa, then u made the atualization and now i have two forecast channel and two news channels and myu mario kart won't work.
    plzzzzzzzz, help me oput here, is there a way to fix it??
    also my mario galaxy and smash bross wont work either!!
    other games work!!

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    well on wii brew there is this thing called a wii duplicate channel remover and that should help out for the weather and news channels as for the other things im kinda a noob so i can't really help

    Heres the link for the duplicate channel remover from WiiBrew: Homebrew apps - WiiBrew
    WARNING IT IS ONLY FOR PAL Wii's !!!!!!!!

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    very old post i no but i have the same thing duplicate channels,although it doesnt cause me any problems ,i can play back ups which is main priority.wink wink

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    it's semi bricked if you can't get into the settings menu. look for the unbrick disc for your wii and the duplicate channel remover.

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    look at wii semi bricked disc to fix it,then use wii duplicated channel remover and delete and then if still doesent work try updating firmwire

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    luckily mine doesnt seem to afect me i can play back ups and originals .bit annoying seeing double channels will try that out see if it looses em cheers
    can still get in to the wii settings thkfully
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    How exactly did you manage to get it into that state?

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    not 100 percent sure but few days back i noticed double channels.i can get in to wii settings and stuff so not caused any probs ive noticed...i installed homebrew today m8 managed to get it showing in the channels cant seem to get the roms running is there a tutorial to install snes9x using this tutorial which tells u to follow step 2 for insta;lling snesx9 i keep getting balck screen with some text on it when i run streetfighter rom take it ive put it in the wrong folder grrrr


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