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Thread: mario galaxy not loading and another issue

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    mario galaxy not loading and another issue

    hello I just finished softmodding a friends wii, he had version 4.1U on his, I did all the things on the tutorial here and the games that I have seem to be loading perfectly, but when I try to load the mario galaxy one It freezes on the launching game part and says something like @@R, does anyone know why is this happening with this game? It works perfectly on my wii, which was 4.0U version softmodded and I dont know if the problem has something to do with it being 4.1U.(I dont think he will be using that game but I want to know what is the problem that doesn't let it load. I have already patched the IOS that enables mario galaxy to run) (also on a different note, sorry for posting this here, I don't know where else to do it; I tried to install bootmii on boot2 and it seems to install correctly but when I reload the wii it does make the sound of trying to boot something but fails to open the bootmii and goes to the warning sign; he bought it on 2007, but I don't know if it is a LU64 model, don't think so but, how can I make bootmii window appear if it is not showing up at start with the sd card that has the booting files on it???)

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    bootmii not showing on start up is usually a direct result of a not 100% compatible sd card. It means that yes the card works but bootmii will not play nicely with it. I have the same issue my lexar sd card will not boot to bootmii however my kingston will.


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