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Thread: Replaceing you wii's nand with i different wii's?

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    Replaceing you wii's nand with i different wii's?

    Recently my wii's disk drive just went out when I was booting up a game with codes (just a coincidence?). Anyways im trying to see if my actual drive/lens isnt working or something with my wiis data. I studpidly backed up my bad wii so i dont have a nand.

    Would it work if a got a different wii's nand and put it on my wii, test it, then put my old one back on?

    If so is there any online i can use?

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    i dont think u can put other nand in the wii since it contains stuff for that exact wii and u might mess something up even worse.

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    Is there a way to reset my dvd drive?

    Im pretty sure i goofed up my wii so that it cant tell it to read the disc right. Is there anyway to overight something so that it can read discs again. Kinda like a fixing hack.

    I lost my backup for my wii.


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