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Thread: Do you think this HDD will work with usbloader?

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    Do you think this HDD will work with usbloader?

    I want to be able to run homebrew and games from a usb hdd on my wii..

    I have ordered a gamecube controller, and am now orderring this usb HDD

    Western Digital My Book Essential Edition 500 GB USB HD on eBay (end time 30-Dec-09 04:14:26 GMT)

    I have looked at the compatibility list thingie.. And this particular model was not listed.. But I don't intend on paying anymore than this for an external hard disk..

    Does anybody know if it will work

    There is another one with the same title that says

    "Worked with USB Loader only after creating partitions. Works with Gamma R7 and USBLoader GX 600 "

    But not the EXACT model.. Does this matter that much? I wouldn't want to pay this much money for no reason.. Although i could use it on my computer as a space boost.

    I am using 4.2e and have done the first step of downgrading, installed the homebrew channel and whatnot, but I cannot complete the steps until my gamecube controller appears in the post.

    I have one of the new black wiis (got it for xmas) not sure if that is of any help..

    Thanks for reading/replying.

    If you need any more info I will be glad to give it.

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    I've actually been meaning to test mine to add to our compatibility list, I have that exact model bought in '06, I just haven't had the space to offload the data that's already on it. It's a very, very reliable drive that hasn't given me any issues in the years I've owned and used it. And I've used it a LOT. What was nice about these models is that there was no sleep mode built in. WD drives also have a very high success rate for running usb backups.

    I have no reason to assume it isn't compatible, but I also can't say for sure that it does. Later models of this drive are reported as working and sister models (the passports) work great. But even if it doesn't work out, it's still a dependable drive that will last a long time so long as you treat it right.

    Ps I just noticed the downgrading comment. I hope you were referring to something else, and disregard this if you were, but for safety sake: Downgrading from 4.2 is very, very dangerous to do, especially on a console that doesn't support Bootmii as boot2. Make sure you don't try to go to 3.2 or you will probably brick - your newer console can't support that firmware. 4.2 is capable of running everything homebrew related without consequence and there's just no reason to risk it. We don't want to see you end up in the bricked forum the week after xmas. I suggest you seriously reconsider downgrading and also read this article by mauifrog.
    "I think that the Wii is a beautiful piece of hardware, and a broken Wii is a tragedy. It doesn’t matter why or how." -- Bushing

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    Yes i read that article by mauifrog before and found it very informative (and slightly terrifying at how many things there are that can be done to rape a wii)

    I apologise.. I may have used the wrong choice of words.. I meant softmod.

    I have done the first step of that guide, and am hoping to complete it so that I can run homebrew and play games off the HDD.

    I wont delve too deep into homebrew or other things.. It is mostly the gaming I am concerned about.. So the only homebrew I will use is the update blocker and whatever I need to play.. I am obviously going to try read more deep into it while waiting for the items to come because the last thing I want is a brick.

    Thanks for the info on the HDD


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