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Thread: How to get original Nintendo Games

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    How to get original Nintendo Games

    Hey all,

    I have had a look on this site:

    List of homebrew emulators - WiiBrew

    and I am wanting to get some of the games that the super nintendo/64 had like super mario world, donkey kong etc. is that possible? is this what I download? and where do I get the games from? or emulators from?

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    You can get emulators on this site..

    Romulation is a good option if you want the games..

    Google is your friend.

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    so i can just download anything? are emulators copies of original games?

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    No the emulator is the software that allows you to play the game.. You also need a modded wii to play the emulated games and the games are called ROMS.. There are stickys on the sections that you can read to guide you through this.

    If you are brand new to them I'd recommend getting a simple gameboy advance emulator for your PC to help you get the feel of them and understand how they work and what they truly are..

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    Didn't wanna make my own thread for a similar issue.

    I have Snes9X GX on my wii, and I went to play Super Mario Bros, however, I got an error that said "Incorrect File Size"

    Can you help me out?

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    Does it work with other roms?

    It may have imported badly.. Or it might be a corrupt rom if so.

    Try downloading another one from somewhere else and see if that works.

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    thanks for the info! i have had experience with roms on DS i had a DS Linker, is it the same sort of thing? and does this site have a link to a good rom site? also once I have downloaded Snes9X GX where do i put that on the sd card? or can I put it on my external HDD? thanks for your help

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    I've tried a few different roms, each time getting the same error message.

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    Did you install the emulator right?

    Did you put the game in the ROMS folder?

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