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    Might be a bit of a newbish question, but does anyone one know if the LU66 series of Wii can play backup copies of games? I was reading that not all of different versions of Wii's can. If someone knows for sure, please feel free to let me know! Thanks in advance!

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    Alrighty, I guess no one knows!

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    I'm not the most informed person but hopefully this can help - if you have the wii with you, you can grab the wii serial number from the bottom of it, and the chart on this page will tell you what drive you have: Wii :, Australian Supplier of WiiKey, Drivekey, M3, R4DS and CycloDS

    If your Wii has the drive D3-2 drive then it can't play DVD backups - if it is any other wii it should be able to

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    Serial number: LU66xxxxxxxx

    The Wii has a RVL-001(USA) model number and is produced for Mexico/Canada/USA. The copyright year is 2006.

    DVD drive and chipset features

    Your drive most likely has the following chipset:

    * There is a 50% chance the chipset is .
    * And there is also a 25% chance the chipset is Combined GC2-D3 with no drive chip.
    * Lastly, a 25% chance the chipset is GC2-D2E and covered in black glue.

    I am still confused, does this look like the chip that can't play burnt games?


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